Highlights From This Year's State Bank of The Lakes Coin and Gold Appraisal.

Highlights From This Year's State Bank of The Lakes Coin and Gold Appraisal.

Wed, 13 Mar, 2013 at 15:26
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Here are some highlights of this year's appraisal events from Ron Beckstrom:

  • We were able to help 204 customers with their collections
  • According to my records, I appraised approximately $247,000 worth of items
  • The most valuable collection had a large number of gold coins from the late 1800's and early 1900's which appraised at about $75,000
  • One customer had a complete set of Lincoln Cents worth $1,750
  • A customer had a small batch of broken gold jewelry and old dental gold worth $817
  • I saw several gold charm bracelets. One was worth $2,630. Another was worth $2,400 while a similar bracelet for another customer was worth $1,760
  • A customer had a 14 carat gold necklace worth $1,200, an 18 carat bracelet worth $2,340 and an 18 carat watch worth almost $2,000
  • Many foreign coins turned-up too. One customer had an old German 2 Mark coin worth $250. Of course, gold rules these days and one customer had a couple of Mexican gold coins and one from Cuba that were worth $1,450.
  • One customer had a collection of modern gold commemorative coins from Caribbean islands that are worth $5,800.
  • Besides the gold coins, pre-1965 silver coins accounted for the greatest value of people's collections. With each dollar worth of those coins bringing $19-20, thousands of dollars worth of those coins were brought in for appraisal.

Our events continue to prove to be popular with folks who are looking for an honest and confidential environment to have their items expertly evaluated. Thank you so much for the opportunity to help you to build goodwill with your customers. I look forward to helping with events again next year. In the meantime, anyone needing help can always call with their questions or visit my website at www.mycoinguy.com.

Best regards,
Ron Beckstrom
Golden Rule Coin