Direct Deposit

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Switching (Or Beginning) Your Payroll Direct Deposit

All you need to do is provide your employer with your new account number(s) and our ABA routing number (071909871).

  • For a checking account or money market account—Provide one of your deposit slips, or write "void" on one of your checks from our bank and give it to your employer. You can also give them the blue card from your new checkbook.
  • For a savings account—Write down your account number and our bank's ABA number.
  • Or fill out the form below and bring it to your employer's payroll department.

Other tips to consider:

  • Your employer will test a "zero balance" ACH (called pre—notification) for your new direct deposit, to ensure the process works for future transactions.
  • Keep your old bank account(s) open for a month or two while this change is being made.

Government Direct Deposit

If you currently receive a government payment (via a check or via direct deposit) and would like that direct deposited into our bank, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Call the Social Security Administration (1—800—772—1213) to process the request. You can make this phone call at your personal banker's desk if you need help.
  2. It will take about a month for the government to process this change.

If you do not currently receive a government payment, but plan on doing so in the near future and would like that direct deposited into our bank, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit a social security office near you. (Ask your personal banker for a list.)
  2. Provide them with our ABA routing number (071909871) and your new account number.

Other tips to consider:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday are the best (least busy) days to call or visit the Social Security Administration.
  • Keep your old account open for at least two months to avoid any problems before the government makes this change.

Direct Deposits Checklist

To help you organize your accounts, here is a convenient checklist of direct deposit and automatic payments that need to be switched. Please print out and check off all that apply and discuss this list with your personal banker.

Direct Deposits

Social Security

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